Jesus’s Crucifixion Nails Have Been Discovered!

Good news! This is better than finding pieces of the True Cross. Simcha Jacobovici (The Naked Archeologist) has found the two nails used to crucify Jesus. (Apparently Jesus miraculously created the third nail for the Romans when they found themselves short one nail.)

Jacobovici has been singularly successful where everyone else who has tried has failed. He has irrefutably located Atlantis. (It’s in Spain, where everyone should have been looking in the first place.) He has also found the lost tomb of Jesus. In fact His entire family is buried there, proven beyond any doubt when God’s body was also discovered in the tomb.

The nails appear to be slightly over 2” long – just the right length to nail both feet to the cross with a single nail. There remains little doubt that His Precious Blood will be found on the nails and traced back to His family through DNA analysis.

What is the circumstantial evidence that these are the right nails? It’s because they weren’t in the family tomb where Jesus was missing. They were in burial cave of the son of someone named Caiaphas. Of the hundreds of people named Caiaphas, how do we know that this one was the Pharisee high priest? Well, again, Jacobovici has unequivocally identified the body in the ossuary as the son of the high priest. Because the nails were also found in that cave, the conclusion is ineluctable.

We know both from the missing text from the Bible and the appearance of the Blessed Virgin following extensive mortification of the flesh, that following the death of Jesus, Caiaphas personally retrieved the nails from the cross with a crowbar and displayed them in his house as his crowning achievement in life. The nails were passed along to his son, and later buried in his ossuary cave after the son’s death.

I invite the reader to peruse this awesome story from its original source – Crucifixion Nails Used for Jesus.

P.S. Now I’ve seen the documentary, and the evidence is much stronger than I could have imagined. Throughout the show, Jacobovici shows the nails recovered from the ossuary, and one is much longer, thinner, straighter, and in much better condition than the nails in the photograph. One nail was in one of the two ossuaries (he wasn’t sure which) and the other was on the ground. Neither of the nails was in the museum collection with the ossuaries, and they weren’t in the cave where the ossuaries were found. No one associated with the dig remembers the nails. However, Jacobovici found a guy at an American university who had two nails of unidentified origin (“somewhere in the Middle East”) whose discovery dates to a period that included the time the ossuaries where discovered. The conclusion that these were the nails that the high priest Caiaphas collected is inescapable now, and it doesn’t seem to have occurred to Simcha that DNA testing will silence the critics permanently. (He could also check for Caiaphas’s finger prints.)


7 responses to “Jesus’s Crucifixion Nails Have Been Discovered!

  1. Hi, this is very interesting. Please I would like a post of the DNA results. I heard that they did a DNA of something believed to be Jesus blood, and it did it only contained half of the cromosomas. Sorry I’m not an expert, the scientist explained it better.. jeje.. but this is amazing, because as we know Jesus humanly came only from mary. in his tested blood, no XY was found.
    Anyhow, please some1 post the results of the DNA TEST!

  2. As much as I would like to publish the results, Simcha has dropped the ball. He didn’t bother with the DNA. But the evidence is still overwhelming. Some guy in North Carolina has two very old nails, so the only reasonable conclusion is that they had to be the ones used to crucify Jesus. There were no other nails in the Roman empire.

    Thanks for the information about His holy blood. It would only make sense that it was haploid, considering the circumstances of His virgin birth. It only proves God’s hand it the whole thing, since most people don’t do well without an X chromosome. (I’m curious about how Mary had a spare Y chromosome running around in her body.)

    Christianity has always provided science with dilemmas that are nearly intractable — until you remember that “God did it”.

  3. Ouww.. That’s real sad.. I was willing to see the results. Hope some1 else continues the research to prove the existance of our Saviour in this earth. Thanks for the post, I have another scientific point in my favour. GBU

  4. Pity DNA only works if you have living relatives to compare it to! And poor old Jesus, well! Unless you believe that book whose name escapes me just at the moment. Which I do. Implicitly.

  5. Fortunately, since Dan Brown wrote The Da Vinci Code, we have a source at least as reliable as Jacobovici, and all we need to do is track down Jesus’s descendents, which Brown could help with. We needn’t be so pessimistic.

    (Sorry to take so long in responding. I’m perpetually behind the 8-ball.)

  6. Thanks for dropping b my blog, “liking” one of my posts, and leaving a comment.

    Keep up the good work. I’ve browsed through a few of your posts, and plan to return for more.

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