Simplifying Scientific Research

Saori Haigo suggests in her new blog Science For Everyone!, that experiments aimed at answering crucial questions could go a long way toward an evidence-based education. She suggests 3 experiments that would demonstrate with a high degree of confidence that a particular gene is expressed in the spinal chord’s neural cells (3 Basic Types of Experiments). Perhaps this is true, but there is a much simpler, less time-consuming way.

I think she missed the point here. If it’s already in your science book (biology in this case), there’s no need to reconfirm the truth of an obvious fact. For instance, when I took biology in the seventh grade, we learned that humans have 48 chromosomes and humans will have no hair in another 8000 years because evolution has gained so much momentum with respect to hair loss, that it can’t be slowed down. In addition, “floating kidneys” can lead to death (as seen on an episode of House) because they get excessively jostled. Our book also pointed out some subtle things that even some biologists might not know. Did you know that there is very little difference between green and blue-green algae other than a slight difference in hue and that blue-green algal cells are sometimes smaller than their green counterparts? It almost makes a person wonder if they should even be counted as different species.  Maybe blue-green algae are just immature green algae.

We can learn a lot without having to ever set foot in a lab. In an authoritative science book from the prestigious Bob Jones University, we find the definitive exposition on electricity – Bob Jones University Explains Electricity. Perhaps the Insane Clown Posse could learn something about magnets from Bob Jones. I think the Bob Jones book also makes another very important point. It was reiterated in the excellent movie – Time Changer. “All science worth knowing is in the Bible.” How else could you build a time machine if it weren’t for the Bible? I’ve never heard a physicist explain that. I don’t remember the Scriptural passage about 48 chromosomes, but if I look hard enough, I’m sure I could find it. Perhaps one of my readers can help me.

Well, there you have it. The only time it’s worth trying the experiments is if you can’t find it in the Bible, but if you can’t find it in the Bible, the experiments aren’t worth doing.

I think my point is proven beyond question, so if you’re one of those lah-dee-dah skeptics who worships at the altar of Reason, save your time answering this. My faith isn’t for sale.


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