The Planned Parenthood Abortion Telemarketing Scheme

Coral Ridge Ministries (founded by James Kennedy) wants us to know the TRUTH about Planned Parenthood, and that Jon Kyl really wasn’t lying about 90% of their business being abortions.  Planned Parenthood telemarketers are so convincing that they’re able to sell abortions to anyone – even to the most resistant evangelical fundamentalists.  The telemarketers get $25 per abortion and they become millionaires; all they have to do is sell 40,000 abortions a year (about 175 sales per normal working day) – apparently an easy task because they create so much demand.

Every Planned Parenthood center has an abortion quota that it has to meet if they want to stay in business.  The goal of every sales person to make sure that every girl between the ages of 13 and 18 gets 3 to 5 abortions.  They sold abortions to girls as young as 11 without their parent’s knowledge!  (I’m curious who was paying for them.)  It seems that abortions lead to hysterectomy because the uterus is ripped and gets pulled out.  It also leads to colostomy because the uterus is perforated and the bowel is pulled out.  It must be difficult to know what you’ve got hold of when you start pulling.  It makes me wonder how they get so much repeat business.  It can only be because abortions are so addictive. The reason for getting girls hooked on abortions early in life is that they will become dependent on them as the primary means of birth control for the rest of their life.

Planned Parenthood starts their sex education program in kindergarten (I’m not sure whether it’s in public schools or Sunday school – they didn’t say) by teaching the various sexual positions using stuffed animals to show the kids how to have sex.  In first and second grade, they give the children books with nude pictures of different body types showing how to have intercourse and talking about masturbation.

In fourth grade, they teach the kids how to masturbate – first alone, and then in groups of four or five.  The goal is to get them to laugh at their parents and their antiquated values.  Once the kids become dependent on Planned Parenthood for sexual questions, they start by giving the girls low-dose birth control pills so they’ll get pregnant, and they also distribute defective condoms for the same reason. Their goal is to have kids sexually active by the time they’re 13, so their plan will work.

Planned Parenthood is a thoroughly racist organization. They target African-American communities, doubtlessly to hold down the reproduction rate so whites can pass them by. They also put their clinics in Latino communities and on college campuses. The conspiracy is obvious. By holding down the population’s intelligence, they can expand their program and no one will notice. This is all part of the eugenics program that Margaret Sanger perpetrated on an unsuspecting world. As Coral Ridge Ministries points out, she thought colored people are like weeds and need to be exterminated.

Planned Parenthood’s tentacles reach out across the globe. They are still the largest unregulated legal industry in the nation today (dwarfing the baseball industry and corporate political contributions). All those laws you thought the states passed to restrict a woman’s access to abortion are only in your imagination. In fact, there has never been a government hearing on abortion (despite all the ones you think you remember). There are states that allow abortionists to operate without hot water and to use rusty instruments.

Abortionists provide killing services, which is very different than doctors, who devote themselves to lifesaving techniques (which obviously don’t include terminating a life-threatening pregnancy or removing a fetus that has already died in utero). Did I just say fetus? I meant pre-born child. Anyway, ectopic pregnancies certainly don’t endanger the life of the mother; this is all just abortionist propaganda, and God doesn’t allow such things to happen anyway.

Throughout the video they stress what a pack of unconscionable liars these Planned Parenthood sales people are, so who do they get to tell you all these sordid stories? (By the way, Planned Parenthood has successfully hidden their sales staff from both their ledgers and public scrutiny from the day they were founded.) Well, it’s different if the sales staff is testifying for Christ. Their stories are so amazingly believable that only the most cynical of skeptics would ask for any further evidence. Case proven!

Without further ado, here is your informative video:

Planned Parenthood’s Despicable Conspiracy

Please give generously to Christ through the Coral Ridge Ministries and support South Dakota’s bill to declare year-round open season on abortionists. It would become legal to hunt abortionists and when you bag one, you can claim self-defense. As Rep. Phil Jensen points out, “This has nothing to do with abortion. This is a self-defense bill.” The nice thing about this bill is if you miss the doctor and kill a nurse, secretary, receptionist, or some other staff member, you’re still covered. Then you can go after everyone else in the clinic. Thank the Lord for such concerned legislators.

Open Season on Abortion Providers

With all the urgency and need for action portrayed in the first video, it’s nice to have the comic relief of the second article about going out and legally killing a bunch of people for sport. It’s a good thing that the Bible provides such a solid moral foundation.


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  1. Well that explains everything.

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