They Eat da Poo Poo

What do Ugandans know that we don’t?  It used to be that you had to be a Doctor of Divinity to learn this, but at least in Uganda, this terrible truth is finally being shared with the public. This is something our congressmen need to know so that we can also take corrective action.

The contents of this video have been determined to be completely true by the Ugandan Bureau of No Statistics At All. This candidly discusses what takes place in the privacy of Ugandan bedrooms so as they do in the video, all children should be removed from the room lest they giggle too loudly and disturb the mood. After all, this is a Family Values video.

Also in the video, they talk about how Obama is trying to turn lynching these perverts into a human rights issue. What would you do if this perversion started happening in the privacy of your back yard? Remember, you just made the children leave because of giggling, so don’t you start.


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