Sad News About a Classic Movie

The holding company for the comedy Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed starring Ben Stein imitating a crocoduck has gone bankrupt, and they’re selling all rights to the movie (with the exception of a few contractual obligations) in an online auction. The movie will be remembered for the classy treatment of the people interviewed in the film (PZ Meyers Expelled).

Rights for the movie will be auctioned online by Rosen Systems, Inc. from June 23 to June 28. I plan to enter a bid of $9.98. With such an overvalued bid, it will certainly deter anyone else from bidding. You can can find the bankruptcy proceedings here: Expelled Bankruptcy. Note that according to this document which was filed on 05/31/11, the auction will be last year in 2010, so you may need a time machine as well as your PC to make a bid. Again the advantage is mine, so give up while you’re ahead.

I’m so depressed and distraught by this turn of events that I just can’t continue. If you must, please visit my rival at Win Ben Stein’s Movie.


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