Evolution’s Faulty Premises

For my regular readers (if there are any), this is a parody of creationist arguments I’ve read recently. Apparently all of of them I’ve talked to are ignorant about the significance of human chromosome 2, so I’ve provided an argument for them to use against me. Have fun with it.

We have to realize the only alternative after the whole foundation crumbles and evolution is toppled, is that we must accept Jesus as our Lord and Savior. No reasoning person can deny this, and that’s the only explanation for why atheists fight tooth and nail for the untenable premises of evolution. We’ve had several gallant attempts to make us see the Truth recently, but we have ignored the sound arguments they have tendered.

Although it has long been established that cosmogenesis (creation and development of the universe) and abiogenesis (creation of life from non-life) are an integral part of evolution, biologists try to ignore this with feeble arguments like “What does that have to do with biology?” No longer! You must step completely out of your field of expertise and explain cosmological inflation and baryogenesis, after which you must show the precise chemical history in the creation of life.

Consider the firm evidence of “kinds“. Dogs only beget dogs, and cats only beget cats. On this point alone, I would like to present the precarious position we have put ourselves in by ignoring the rotting foundations of evolution exposed by this simple intuitive concept.

We have to conclude that apes can only beget other apes, or using the taxonomic terminology, hominoids can only beget other hominoids. (‘Hominids‘ restricts this to only the great apes.) Being hominoids, humans belong to this particular ‘kind’. When was the last time you heard of two humans giving birth to an orangutan, gibbon, gorilla, or a chimp? These all belong to the same kind, so it ought to be happening on a semi-regular basis. Since this is exactly what evolution predicts, guess who’s wrong!

Now let’s get scientific and talk about genetics. As is well known, all mutations are deleterious, and since evolution is completely random, all of life is degenerating as predicted by the second law of thermodynamics. Or are you one of those evolutionists who claims that a tornado can tear through a junk yard and create a 747 jumbojet in its wake?

Certainly pointwise mutations (Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms or SNPs) are bad enough, but what about aneuploidies (abnormal numbers of chromosomes)? For the fetuses that live, they cause things like monosomies (e.g. Turner’s Syndrome or missing sex chromosome) and the various trisomies (three autosomes instead of the normal two), leading to things like Down Syndrome, Edwards Syndrome, Warkany Syndrome, or Patau Syndrome. In all of these, there is a variation in number of just one chromosome. Consider what would happen for variations of two or more chromosomes. It would be catastrophic.

I lived through just such a catastrophe created by evolutionists! When I was in seventh grade biology, humans still had 24 pairs of chromosomes. By 1970, everyone on earth lost a pair of chromosomes, and thanks to God’s will, we lived. According to the story that microbiologists want us to believe, they couldn’t count very well once they exceeded 20 pairs and mistakenly thought we had an extra pair of chromosomes. I personally think that they wanted to prove to the world that they were being open-minded in the face of new evidence, so for over fifty years, they miscounted the number so they could show that science is based on evidence and not on their blind belief system.

In the ultimate irony, all hominids except humans have 24 pairs of chromosomes. Only humans have 23. Evolutionists try to explain this away by telling us that human chromosome number 2 (remember, these are the guys who can’t count) has a vestigial centromere in addition to the normal one, and that it also contains a vestigial fusion of two telemeres as shown below.

According to them, the human chromosome is nearly identical to the end-to-end fusion of chromosomes 12 and 13 found in bonobos. Here is a very short article about the fusion: Human Chromosome 2. As we’ve already mentioned, this can only lead to distinct inferiority of humans compared to chimps. The only way out is that there is no relation between human and chimp chromosomes and God did it, and humans are completely unrelated to any other species. If you would like to see how an evolutionist twists these facts, look no further.

To carry this one step further, now they are claiming that there are humans with only 44 chromosomes! This is clearly impossible because such a being would have to be of an entirely different ‘kind’ and only God knows what it would resemble. The author claims it looks like a Chinese guy, giving credence to races other than whites being subhuman. This time, the evolutionists are claiming a fusion of genes 14 and 15. He tries to explain it away by calling it “balanced translocation”. When they get desperate enough they’ll invent any form of obfuscation to keep you from knowing that God did it. If you’d like to see him try to lie his way out of it, read here: The 44 Chromosome Man.


2 responses to “Evolution’s Faulty Premises

  1. Sir:

    You are most certainly in error.
    We own a small creature who looks like a dog. He barks like a dog.
    I am fairly certain he was born of the mating of two dogs. Yet. he is like no kind of dog I have ever known. He will not eat dog food; he only eats cat food. He sleeps with one or the other of our two other cats. I say “other.” because he is obviously a cat.
    Therefore, God can turn a dog into a cat.

  2. It’s an interesting story. We used to have a parrot whose girlfriend was a cat. When he was out, he would chase all the other cats away, and he played exclusively with her. I’m convinced you must be right, but the mistake has to be blamed on Nature, since God would never have anything to do with such an abomination.

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