Yet Another Creationist Makes His Mark

Recently, another creationist responded to an ex-Lutheran pastor, saying that the human eye was an example of God’s perfection in His creation of Adam and Eve, and then having to retract it after the pastor pointed out how poorly God did with His infinite perfection. (Why are creationists so hung up on the human eye as a proof of God’s creation?) Of course this creationist also insists that humans did not evolve from earlier apes and that they cannot evolve further into other creatures, to which I will respond. (It was retrieved from an earlier lampoon written – and ignored – by this same creationist.) I will begin with the pastor’s response to the creationist’s retraction.

xpastor: But … but you said that the eye is obviously perfectly designed.

Well, duh. God did it. How could it be otherwise?

Nice try. I don’t think anyone will make our friend give it a second thought, pastor. Watch how he’ll respond when I copy from my earlier posts.

Here is an overly brief description of the evolution of an eye; there are much more thorough explanations, but this, at least, shows some basics.

Next, there was a major event in human evolution that distinguished them from all other great apes. It is only one of several, but it is significant because it controls the genes for a larger brain. All hominids (great apes) except humans have 24 pairs of chromosomes, but humans only have 23. [In anthropology, ‘hominids’ refers only to humans and their ancestors, but in biology, it refers to all great apes.] What happened? in the great apes, chromosomes 12 and 13 are similar to 12 and 13 for any other ape, except for humans, where they are fused end-to-end to form chromosome number 2.
How do we know? Human chromosome 2 contains a main centromere and a vestigial centromere as well as a vestigial fused telemere in the center of the chromosome. In addition, if you compare the structure of the chromosome to that of chromosomes 12 and 13 of a bonobo, they are nearly identical.

Here is a very short article about the fusion: Human Chromosome 2. …And a video explaining the same thing.

So what? God could have created it that way, and evolution really plays no role. Except… evolution of humans didn’t stop, and we can prove that it is still occurring as recently as in the last 100 years! Chromosome fusion happens through a process called balanced translocation, which requires a genetic bottleneck. That can happen through allopatry as in this case (because of size and remoteness of the location of the village where it occurred), and marriage of first cousins isn’t uncommon. In this case, the person has only 22 pairs of genes! It happened because of the fusion of genes 14 and 15, and this is significant, because it is the first step in genetic incompatibility with ordinary humans. If this genetic anomaly continues, we will see a new species that is currently so closely related to humans that the difference is imperceptible. The following article provides an excellent description of the event: Recent Fusion of Human Chromosomes.

I’m sure you couldn’t see anything here that is convincing, pastor (just kidding), but let’s see if our friend provides consensus.


2 responses to “Yet Another Creationist Makes His Mark

  1. XPastor sounds like a damn foreigner to me. So very un-American! How dare he attack The Lord’s Truth?!

  2. Those un-Americans are always trying to confuse us!

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