A Poem about the Christian Thing to Do

Just within the last couple of months, I was reading an article about the two best-known images world-wide that anyone would recognize. Immediately, I thought of The Great Wall of China and maybe the Eiffel Tower. After rethinking for a minute, I was thinking that one of the things could be a little off-beat, or the guy wouldn’t have been writing the article… so maybe the Great Pyramid of Cheops and Machu Pichu.

Well, the author did trip me up. They were the remains of an American flag found at the ruins of the World Trade Center (WTC) and the remains of a steel cross-beam, also found there. I never would have guessed that everyone in the world would recognize those above all other things because until then, I had never heard of either of them. (I obviously don’t watch the important news.) But it had to be true, because there it was in print. I always believe the printed word. The steel cross is especially significant, because it was a sign sent by Jesus, Himself. No one seems to know what it means or why it’s significant, except that Jesus sent it.

More recently, the American Atheists, Inc. filed a suit concerning the use of the cross in a WTC memorial, and Communications Director, Blair Scott appeared in a segment on Fox News about the case. The real news, though, was the response that Fox News got on its Facebook entry concerning that broadcast. Some of the comments are shown below. They are separated into three groups: threats of violence, a Christian view of atheists and other minorities, and putting atheism into perspective. (Thanks to practicalDOUBT.com for the info.)

The problem is that the practicalDOUBT blogger is being far too gentle with these twits. The names and avatars are redacted. If you would like to see them as they really are, check out Fox News Comments, and zoom in [left-click over the text] to make it readable.

Digital Cuttlefish was so inspired after reading an article from the examiner.com, that he wrote this poem in dedication to those Christians and using their own words. [The footnotes refer to the Examiner article.] It’s entitled Kill the Atheists!

Atheists are hateful (1); they’re annoying, rude, and loud;
They’re a total waste of oxygen (2), the godless and the proud
They are spiteful un-Americans, rejecting Jesus’ call—
The solution? Let’s just shoot them. Shoot them all(3).

Those atheists are radicals, and militants as well;
For their blasphemous beliefs they’ll all be heading straight to hell
We could wipe them from the planet, and be grateful for the loss—
The solution? Fucking nail them to the cross(4).

They deny the Holy Spirit; they deny a God above
They deny that Christ was crucified to save us through His love
By rejecting God’s forgiveness, they choose nothingness instead
So they all deserve a shotgun to the head(5).

We should crucify their leader; shove a spear into his side
Let him know the pain that Jesus felt, the hours before He died(6)
So that maybe he’ll appreciate what Jesus Christ is worth—
Nah, let’s wipe the fucking godless from the earth.

I follow in Christ’s footsteps; I adore the Prince of Peace,
But these atheists grow bolder as their numbers have increased
It’s my patriotic duty now, to walk where Jesus led
And He wants these godless bastards fucking dead.

(1) Michael Perri
(2) Casey M Jones
(3) Joe Martinez, Casey M Jones, Bob O’Connell, Joseph Sneckenberg
(4) Chris Dunn, Mike Holeschek
(5) Joe Martinez
(6) Chris Dunn

Thank God! People are finally waking up to the threat posed by these militant atheists out to destroy our moral fibers. They are ready now to take action against this oppression, standing firm in their moral Christian righteousness. It’s time we stood up to these atheist and Muslim terrorists!


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