Nature’s Horrible Perversion

I stole this book from the Unreasonable Faith blog. Although I’ve known about the quaint habits of whiptail lizards since high school, it didn’t occur to me that something needs to be done about it until I read this

I didn’t want for you to have to see the photos of these horrible perversions of nature. Fortunately, there is something we can do. This is curable, and all we need to do is buy some congressional lobbyists to have money earmarked for Michele Bachmann’s husband to teach these slimy creatures to lead a Christ-centered life and stop their heinous practices.

Please send your money to me in care of this blog. It will be tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law (in other words, no deductions).


7 responses to “Nature’s Horrible Perversion

  1. Lordy lordy, that made me laugh so much that I hyperventilated! What cute lizards and in those photos of their mating, they look to be having a great time. I’m going to reblog this excellent post. Btw, I’m gay.

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  3. Please excuse me while I choke on my tea – this is so funny that it brought tears to my eyes!

    Another note of interest: Why the heck is a lizard depicted inside a Pentagram when the Pentagram is the Wiccan symbol of protection. Clueless hypocrisy at its best 😀

    Thank you so much for sharing this. I want one of those lizards now (or maybe two).

  4. If you get two, you do realise that they’ll breed UNNATURAL OFFSPRING don’t you?

    • “Unnatural” has a special meaning in the Creationist community. It means Goddidit. It’s preferable to ‘supernatural’ because that would imply something beyond nature, and that would be unnatural.

  5. That’s disgusting! Although, I’ve heard that Bonobos also practice seriously ungodly habits – have they sent them any missionaries yet?

  6. I hope some church realizes this problem soon! There’s always a possibility that this disease could spread to humans.

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