What Would Make You Feel all Tingly Inside?

Is it the thought of someone trying in vain to pry the gun from your cold dead fingers? Would it be having “In God We Trust” on top of the slide just behind the front sight to guarantee you can’t miss? Would it be having a Mary Kay or Barbie pink pistol? How about a plastic gun where even the rod in the recoil spring assembly is plastic? …And the Bill of Rights carefully lettered on the sides of your gun with the words “freedom” and “liberty” engraved on the back of the gun just above the butt? Are you just about to have an orgasm? These no longer need to be just fantasies!

Yes, your dreams have come true, and they are available at FMK Firearms. (The FMK stands for “For My Kountry”. Makes you feel like you’re right at home in Mississippi.) If you’re thinking about getting one for your daughter so that she can have the best Barbie doll set in the neighborhood, you couldn’t do better than the pink model below.

California has certified these pistols as “not unsafe”, so you can be assured that there’s nothing to worry about if you leave one lying around the house in California.

At last, I can feel good about putting this gun in my pocket with my American-made money. It won’t be like having an illegal alien sneaking into my pocket. 

Like the ten commandments, most people don’t remember the Bill of Rights. If you’re ever in that embarrassing situation, just take out your gun and you’ll be able to educate anyone still standing around.

I apologize for making you take out your magnifying glass, but you get the idea.

In the instruction manual telling how to use the pistol are these directions.

Our Nation was founded on the principles that specific inalienable rights are guaranteed to all living people that no man or government can take away. How is it that “In God We Trust” is even questioned in contemporary society?

Would Americans prefer their motto:

In communism we trust.
In atheists we trust.
In man we trust.
In government we trust.
In the United States we trust.
In Democrats we trust.
In Republicans we trust.
In Europe we trust.
In China we trust.

Which motto do you like better?

Despite a secular upbringing, I never felt “In God We Trust” was some sort of offensive gesture thrust upon me by the religious right. Intuitively, I knew this motto suggested our humility as human beings and possessed the recognition that we as individuals, while free, shall not try to dominate over fellow citizens and that we all are answerable to a higher power.

If it is not “In God We Trust” that we place our highest reverence and respect, but some other entity, is it not within the purview of that authority or entity to dispense or withhold our rights?

If rights are guaranteed by man, can man take them away?

If rights are guaranteed by government, can government take them away?

Inalienable rights are unarguable, they are undeniable and they cannot be taken away. Under what authority can such rights be guaranteed? Only God has the authority to grant such rights. Only under God, can a government of the people, by the people and for the people operate morally and fairly.

A recent trend among our liberal Supreme Court Justices is to defer to European law and to International law when their activist views cannot be reconciled, with current precedent, in United States Law. The main reason these views cannot be reconciled is because our law is grounded to an ultimate and all powerful authority, and not driven by humanistic whim. If we do concede that United States Law is inadequate to rule our country, then we also must concede that we do in fact have no inalienable rights and that government does have authority to take and award rights at will.

If a Nation is to have a motto I can think of none better than, “In God We Trust”.

And if a Nation is to have no motto, are we not saying, “Anything Goes” and inviting despotism upon our people when some charismatic politician convinces a narrow majority that God’s inalienable rights ought to be reconsidered?

I think my only question is whether it is essential to trust anybody or anything without reservation – especially if it’s imaginary and invisible.

Further instructions remind us that:

Facts on the Tet Offensive: The North Vietnamese lost between 45,000 and 70,000 fighters in the assault. The United States, Korea, and Australia had combined losses of 1,536 soldiers.

This is what Walter Cronkite says, “The referees of history may make it a draw”. The Tet Offensive was such a huge failure for the North Vietnamese that they were ready to come to the peace table until Walter Cronkite got on TV and told the American people how badly we were trounced.

By not committing to win in 1968, when the enemy was on its knees, we caused additional American deaths in the tens of thousands and endured five more years of war, culminating in the sacrifice of our ally South Vietnam to communism.

Of course Nixon and Henry Kissinger had nothing to do with prolonging our “intervention which wasn’t a war”.

The instructions then tell us about the equality of flat taxes and why the Left hates guns. Next, we learn about the meaning of the company name, FMK – For My Kountry:

For many American citizens, who embrace a political philosophy which swings left; collectivism, socialism, and ultimately communism is the idealist utopia they aspire to capture and promulgate across America. For these people, For My Kountry, means to ridicule excellence, to fear prosperity, and to blame others for individual failures.

It is an ideology which springs from mankind’s weakest tenets…jealousy and envy. It is an ideology which attempts to tear all down to one low and “equal” or “fair” level. It is an ideology incapable of raising anyone or anything upward. Most of all, it is an ideology without any understanding of American culture or our American Founders’ dream of creating a country free from government tyranny, open to individual initiative and most important, insuring to all citizens those inalienable rights guaranteed to mankind by God.

Damn! This guy can read my mind! I’m jealous and envious of Cubans under Fidel and third-world citizens who are trapped in hopeless situations. If only I could live on a collectivist plantation with blacks who agree with good capitalists like Jesse Lee Peterson (Send Blacks Back ‘To The Plantation’ ).

So much for the gun instructions. Moving on to the company charter, we find that:

Liberals will tell you the 2nd Amendment, the one that says, “…The Right of the People to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed”, doesn’t guarantee “individuals” the Right to bear arms because the preamble to the 2nd Amendment says, “A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state…”

If that’s what the Founders meant, why didn’t they just say, “The Right of the People to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed, unless…”

They didn’t say it because they didn’t mean it. The Founders said and wrote exactly what they meant in the Declaration of Independence and throughout the U.S. Constitution, a nasty annoyance to liberalism’s promulgation.

Liberalism is changing America for the worse. Social programs, starting with the New Deal then Great Society have burdened Americans to depend on government instead of Church, God and community. The result of these programs is more people dependent upon government instead of less. Liberalism also ventures to create more intrusive and punitive tax policy on those who are most productive, discouraging the self-starters and entrepreneurs that our country depends on for new technology and innovation.

Separation of Church and State is a perversion of the 1st Amendment to take religious influence out of all government business when it was designed only to keep government influence out of religion.

Liberalism has destroyed our school system. Even though we spend billions on education, most Americans don’t have the critical thinking skills necessary to tell fact from fiction and they take media reports and stories for face value embracing lies and policies which are devastating our nation.

The American Founders recognized the most important role for government was to ensure the freedom, creativity and industry of American individualism, and they recognized that this individualism, this freedom to pursue happiness, was in fact a decree from God, not man. All of this spites the philosophies of contemporary liberalism.

Now that I know what I’ll tell you about the second amendment, let’s get back to the first. In the interlude between the two, however, there is a remark about how liberalism’s social programs are destroying America. I suspect one of the worst is Social Security and Medicare for retirees who’ve had their pensions and medical benefits wiped out by corporate shenanigans. Fortunately the church, God, and community will handle this. And what planet did you say you were from?

If I remember correctly, “Separation of Church and State is a perversion of the 1st Amendment to take religious influence out of all government business when it was designed only to keep government influence out of religion.” I thought that the first amendment went something like

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

Of course that only means that we can’t tax religious organizations the way we would any other business, because religion is holy. It also means that we can require others in our businesses and Government to yield to our religious beliefs so long as we don’t pass a law saying so. And if that should result in a law as in Tennessee requiring public school kids to read bible verses (regardless of their religion since we’re all Christians, aren’t we?) and pray to a Christian God, no harm done, because the state defined this as “voluntary” even when it wasn’t.

Furthermore, should a person decide to try to practice free speech, we can pass sedition laws and take away habeas corpus. Unlike the second amendment where the “Founders said and wrote exactly what they meant”, they were much more careless in writing the first amendment. In fact, the entire first amendment is probably a perversion of American justice.

And yes, liberalism has ruined critical thinking in our public school system. Instead of learning pesky facts, we need to learn the opinions of both the Texas and Dover school boards. We need to teach our children that America never has and never would do anything ethically or morally wrong, because we have God to keep us on the right track.

Above all, we must remember that “freedom to pursue happiness, was in fact a decree from God, not man.

Now that I’m through with the documentation that is provided with this remarkable pistol, you may be wondering about James Pontillo, the founder of FMK. He had the insight to create a gun unlike any other in history, with more plastic than anyone else dared try. The mechanisms in the gun are simplicity incarnate, and the gun is easier to field strip than nearly anything else I’ve seen.

Pontillo is no fool, and he listens to anyone who has a suggestion for improving his gun, and if he agrees, the change is incorporated very quickly. This is the reason the generation 2 version followed so soon after the introduction of his pistol. In critical areas, he has replaced plastic components with metal. When it was first introduced, there was a problem with the shell ejecting, which was explained by some proponents as happening because the shooter wasn’t holding the pistol absolutely steady when firing. This hiccup has apparently been resolved in Gen 2. It retails for around $400, which is slightly less than comparable weapons.

If you’re curious how much I’ve distorted his product, you can look it up at FMK 9C1 GEN 2. It’s a 9 mm compact pistol with a 4” barrel and two 10+1 or 14+1 magazines. It has a Double-Action Only (DAO) trigger with about a 9 pound relatively smooth pull. It has a Picatinny rail and interchangeable fixed sights for distance and windage. Groupings on a target are quite reasonable, and it can handle +P ammunition.

Every time I hear about FMK, I think about Pace Picante Salsa and New Yawk City!!! FMK is manufactured in California – home of all those anti-gun Liberals, and maybe a few atheists here and there. I guess when you’re stuck in a liberal-infested hell-hole, it’s easier to make lemonade than to make to a new home in God’s country.


One response to “What Would Make You Feel all Tingly Inside?

  1. Being a Brit, I’m not that familiar with guns anyway, and find the idea of people carrying them in public a tad disturbing at the best of times. I’d worry ten times as strongly though, about anyone who carried one with what has, for all the world, the appearance of a fashion accessory. It somehow trivialises the purpose of what is, after all, a tool for killing people—and I’d have to suspect that they see that purpose as trivial.

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