Faeries Are Real!

Most of my readers probably already know about the Cottingley Faeries photographed by two young English girls in 1917. Five famous photographs proved the existence of faeries. Arthur Conan Doyle was convinced they were real (as were séances), because they were scientific evidence of psychic phenomena, and besides the girls were too young to have been able to draw that well. When it was pointed out to Doyle that one photograph showed the obvious head of a straight pin holding one of the faerie cut-outs in place, Doyle realized immediately that it verified the authenticity of the photos because, as he pointed out, it was actually the faerie’s navel.


No doubt, illustrations like that can’t be faked. However, there was an article in the 2007 New York Times that I missed until recently about the discovery of mummified faeries.

The mummies were rather fragile, but here are some of the Derbyshire faerie photos.

I found the story at Derbyshire Mummified Faeries. Oh, did I mention that the New York Times article was dated April 1, 2007?


One response to “Faeries Are Real!

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