Where are They Now?

There are several bloggers and YouTube producers who have made a big impact on me. Several just disappeared suddenly after building a large audience, and I’m curious if anyone knows what happened. The first was Stephanie, better known as LovingDoubt. She made YouTube videos that could suck the viewers in and make them want to know more about how she first became a Pentecostal fundamentalist and then turned to the dark side and was seduced by powers of atheism. (I’m not portraying what she said properly, so don’t let your opinions be influenced by me.) Like most others who achieved success in the on-line world, she understood the magic of how to tell a story, and she had an incredible sense of humor.

There’s very little left of her YouTube legacy except on mirrored sites. One of the best collections of her mirrored videos is at Lovingdoubt’s Deconversion. For a short time she was on she was on blogTV, first as lovingdoubt until she lost her password, and then as l0vingdoubt, which has no recorded shows. The blogTV was forgettable by comparison to YouTube. She was in a serious car accident, and it was shortly after that when her YouTube site vanished. The reason appears to have been flak that she was getting for her videos, which is a shame. Check out what’s left of her videos – it’s well worth the time. Many of her fans made tribute videos for her. One of the classics was by DarkMatter2525 (an incredible artist in his own right) at the end of his video If God Were a Car.

The next person was Allie Brosh, whose blog Hyperbole and a Half had tens if not hundreds of thousands followers. She has an eclectic sense of humor and seems able to put anything into perspective in her stories. One of my favorites is The Year Kenny Loggins Ruined Christmas. One of her most poignant (and also one of her last posts) was about her depression in Adventures in Depression. This has been covered in many different places such as Allie Brosh’s Battle with Depression — and Why it Should Matter to You. She dropped out of sight in late 2010, but now Simon and Schuster should be publishing Allie’s first book this fall (Allie’s Book). She also branched into YouTube, and here’s one of her videos:

Allie may not be completely out of the picture, but until her book comes out, I’ve found someone who may not fill the empty spot that Allie left, but she is exceptionally talented and has an incredible knack for a good story. If you’re not already following her, you need to see Clotilda Jamcracker. She also has several recent highly rated books at Clotilda’s Books.

I didn’t mean to drag you down memory lane (yes, I did), but that’s what comes with senility.


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