A Wimpy God

God is omnipresent except in schools. That’s because the Supreme Court required all schools to be lined with lead so God couldn’t peek in.  If your God is so easily defeated by a body like the Supreme Court, it’s time to start looking for another more dependable God.

It’s similar to God’s omnipotence; He can’t defeat iron chariots (Judges 4:13-16).  Now we know two of God’s weaknesses (other that His logic and His righteousness and justice).

Before you accuse me of blasphemy, the blasphemy is right there on the T-shirt.


21 responses to “A Wimpy God

  1. You forgot about free will. You are misinterpreting the message.

    What the T-shirt is saying is that if Christian values continued to be instilled in our society, you wouldn’t see such degeneration (devolution) taking place.

    • Except that’s not true. The world’s most secular country, Sweden, is also the country with most social justice, respect and quality of life.

      • 70% of Swedes are members or the Church of Sweden. Add other Swedish Christians to this statistic and you have a country that has a larger proportion of Christians than even the US.

        • Being members of a church doesn’t necessarily translate to belief in god. I’m an atheist but because I was baptised and did first communion the Church counts me as one of its members. The process to get yourself out is tiresome and I’ve never done it.
          If you want to have a look at real science rather than conjecture have a look at the numbers:

        • And when you give out statistics be careful not to be manipulative. It’s dishonest. Only 23% of Swedes believe in a personal god. 53% believe in a ‘force’ and 23% believe in nothing at all.
          It’s one of the MOST if not THE most secular country in the world.

          • I’m not being manipulative. I’m countering the manipulative and misleading claims (by many atheists) that Sweden is a “secular” or “atheist” nation.

          • You’re countering with a manipulative misrepresentation. Governments in Western Europe and societies here in general are highly secular.
            Religion is about baptisms, marriages and funerals and little else.
            By pretending we’re “highly religious” you’re perpetrating fraud.

          • YOU may not be religious, but aren’t atheists still a small minority? You can’t have it both ways–being the tiny, oppressed minority AND being part of a largely atheistic nation. Pick one, please.

          • Who tried to have it both ways? You’re jumping to a rather ridiculous conclusion. You’re also confusing secular governments with private religiosity.
            All western European countries are secular nations that have varying degrees of religiosity although ‘practising’ christianity levels are even lower than levels of atheism.
            People like you feign understanding of sociological models and then extrapolate to justify your religions- unfortunately for you, logic and numbers don’t justify your conclusions.

          • Sweden has more public (as in government) Christian holidays than the US does. That doesn’t sound very “secular” to me.

          • Really? I guess you still don’t comprehend the difference between tradition and religion.

            Which part of ONLY 23% OF SWEDES BELIEVE IN A PERSONAL GOD- are you finding confusing?

          • “Really? I guess you still don’t comprehend the difference between tradition and religion.”

            Right. So a memorial cross, a Christmas tree on public property, and other forms of AMERICAN traditions are being attacked by litigious atheists–wouldn’t you agree? Or does it change to suit the political agenda?

          • That’s a non-sequitur.

          • “Which part of ONLY 23% OF SWEDES BELIEVE IN A PERSONAL GOD- are you finding confusing?”

            So you’re saying that if and only if Americans start giving the same responses as the select Swedes surveyed supposedly did that American Christian traditions will no longer be attacked?

            Wow, so you’re you’re saying there really is an “atheist agenda!” 😮

          • Did you finish high-school?
            I’m saying that there’s no co-relation between Christianity and a just or moral society. In fact, studies show the opposite is true.

            Free secular societies like Sweden have better SSS rates across the board.

          • Due to their Christian values.

          • You can dismiss a nation’s predominant Christianity when you see fit, but it does nothing but erode at what little credibility you had.

          • “Religion is about baptisms, marriages and funerals and little else.”

            Although you say this dismissively, religion is literally part of their whole lives–from birth, to death, and in between. It’s clearly the basis for most commitment they make in their lives: their family. Those appear to be important moral values.

          • Not at all, it’s part of social convention. Just like winter solstice became christmas. Summer solstice became St. John’s day. It’s not about believing in a religion, it’s about celebrating parts of the year and keeping time.

  2. God’s allowed in schools. It was the Christians not sharing with the Muslims, the Jews, et al, who forced Him out. Let him be called Allah, or Jehovah, as well as God, and he can come back. Play nice with others. Yeah, like that’s going to happen.

  3. One little anti-Christian comment, and I have people looking over my shoulder. I’ll have a large helping of paranoia, please! Thanx for visiting my blog and signing up to follow my posts. Not quite as focused as yours, but occasionally I say a word or two about equality and fairness. In the meantime, be amused and entertained.

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