The Importance of Home Schooling

I have put off warning my readers for too long about government schools that are teaching our impressionable children socialism and communism. I know this for fact because I faithfully watch Fox News and listen to Fox Radio. We must put a stop to this left-leaning government agenda.

You know how bad things are when ultra-liberal propaganda like the Daily Kos is openly bragging about it (Schools spreading socialism by teaching the “distributive property”). Thank merciful God that Neal Boortz called the world’s attention to this in his column. This is all being done under the guise of mathematics with something they call the “distributive law” which requires rich people to turn over their money to support all the slackers – you know the ones. Did you know that some people are so lazy that they don’t even make a paltry $400,000 annually?

It didn’t take Fox News long to discover this scheme, once it was exposed. You can follow that story here: Eric Bolling: Schools ‘pushing the liberal agenda’ by teaching algebra. Actually, it’s not algebra; it’s only third grade and it’s arithmetic, but that’s one of those subjects I never really understood, and neither does Fox News, and they’re proud of it.   I was unable to embed the video into my blog, so you’ll have to watch it at the end of the Eric Bolling news item.


Even our colleges are getting in on this push. I found this disturbing book published by a law school about the distributive law and creeping socialism (Socialism and the Law: Association for Legal and Social Philosophy Seventeenth Annual Conference). They seem to have also included the associative law of arithmetic. Read it for yourself and shudder, dear readers: The Long Arm of the Law.

Now we come to the really disturbing part. It’s come to my attention that communism has crept into our schools. There are apparently some government schools where they are mixing races. I used to laugh when I brought home a book about Lebesgue integration entitled Modern Theories of Integration by Kestelman because people thought it was actually about how we should mix races. How ridiculous is it to think we would ever mix races, especially in our schools! Guess again. Look at this horrifying story coming out of Little Rock, Arkansas: Race Mixing is Communism. This is what it will lead to.

I’m sure you find this as upsetting as I do, but we missed our opportunity to elect a Republican president who would scrap the Department of Education and let the states regain control of the schools in their jurisdiction as God intended. But all is not lost yet. We can yank our children out of this government cesspool and do what our forefathers intended – home schooling using books and curricula from education leaders like Beka Books, Sonlight, or Bob Jones University. It’s long past time to stop teaching global warming or any other kind of climate change and start teaching Creation, Bible, and unbiased history, setting the record straight with sources like Glenn Beck and David Barton.

We already see where government schools are leading us with the reelection of Obama and Obamacare. ACT NOW.


3 responses to “The Importance of Home Schooling

  1. Ridiculous how everything not-Republican is automatically communist. If we Euros are supposed to be godless commies nowadays, then what was the Soviet Union.

    • That’s easy. Even before Stalin, they were a benevolent state interested only in the complete equality and welfare of those not running the government. Those at the top made untold sacrifices to make sure that everyone else was comfortable and well-cared for. They also insisted on total fairness with all those European countries with whom they were friends.

      It’s rather like the Texas Board of Education, which wants its history books to reflect the wonderful treatment of slaves in the southern states before the U.S. Civil War. It’s about time someone removed those terrible blemishes and set our history straight for Americans living in Texas. It seems only Republicans understand history.

      And by the way, Euros are a bunch of godless commies. Only the U.S. has “In God We Trust” plastered on all of our money, proving how wonderful we are.

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