Ray Comfort Admits God is Evolution

Of course this is as much a lie as Ray Comfort’s lies, omissions, distortions, and incomplete excerpted interviews in his latest movie Evolution vs. God: Shaking the Foundations of Faith, which garnered a 2.5 rating out of 10 in the International Movie Database (IMDB), placing among the worst movies of all time.

In case you missed it in your home schooling, Ray Comfort is a fundamentalist evangelist who founded The Way of the Master ministry along with child actor Kirk Cameron and radio host Todd Friel. He also started Living Waters Publications, should you need to come to Christ and learn the Truth about evolution.

With all this claim to fame, you’d think that Comfort might be satisfied, but he has done something really frightening. He showed us the atheist’s nightmare: a banana. It’s left me sleepless at nights and makes me panic every time I think about it.

Let’s start with the tab God put on top (actually the bottom of the banana, since they grow upside-down) for easy access to the fruit of the banana. I don’t always find this method for peeling a banana very easy, especially when I wind up tearing up or mushing the top of the banana to get it open. If we were really interested in God’s plan for peeling a banana, we’d watch how monkeys do it. (Actually, most monkeys bite the peel and pull it off, but we’ll forget that for the sake of this video.)

Bananas belong to the genus Musa, and all edible bananas are hybrids of Musa acuminata or Musa balbisiana, both of which are short, reproduce sexually, and contain hard large seeds.


 Derivatives of M. acuminata are sweeter while those of Musa balbisiana have a higher starch content. Unripe bananas are also higher in starch which enzymes convert to sugar as they ripen. Really unripe bananas when steamed, supposedly taste somewhat like potatos.

 All edible bananas currently marketed are parthenocarpic (seedless) and are polyploids derived from M. acuminata (denoted by ‘A’) and/or Musa balbisiana (denoted by ‘B’). Cooking bananas (usually called plantains) usually, but not always belong to the AAB or ABB triploid hybrids. Most ready-to-eat banana belong to either the AAA triploids or the AA diploids. (There are also tetraploid bananas.)

 Before 1950, the Gros Michel banana (an AAA triploid) was the preferred banana in America, but it was virtually wiped out by Fusarium oxysporum root fungus. It is still grown in southeast asia, but no longer imported. It had a thinner profile and what many consider a better flavor than its replacement, the Grand Nain banana, which is also an AAA triploid. There is a short list of banana cultivars at Banana Cultivars.

If these hybrids have no seeds, how do they reproduce? The time-honored method is to remove the suckers or corms from one plant, trim it, and plant it as shown below.

Planting Banana Suckers

A much more recent innovation is to create new plants in the laboratory from tissue cultures. This avoids possible contamination by diseases that are likely to destroy an entire plantation. Because all banana hybrids are clones of some original plant, they are unable to develop a defense against their pathogens, as is possible with sexual reproduction.

If you can’t get enough of bananas, there is a short history at History of Bananas, which veers into Australian banana history.

Anyway, you can see where this is going. Hybrid bananas have been around for at least the last 7,000 years, and possibly as long as the last 10,000. Once the seedless bananas have been created, they can no longer reproduce without intervention. Once God created seedless bananas, He had to tend to them until humans invented horticulture. Since this isn’t recorded in the Bible, we know with certainty that it couldn’t have happened, leaving Ray in somewhat of a bind. The other possibility is that hybridization occurred repeatedly as a natural part of evolution, and eventually humans took the hint and started planting the suckers and corms. This proves beyond any doubt that God is evolution, but Comfort will blithely continue to ignore evidence and repeat himself until what he says becomes the Truth.  He couldn’t have chosen better than a banana to prove the existence of his God.


P.S.  Sorry about variations in fonts and size; there is no way to control them yet.


5 responses to “Ray Comfort Admits God is Evolution

  1. Awhhh, come’on… but its bent just the right way! 🙂

  2. Actually, humans are eating the banana the correct way and monkeys are doing it all wrong. Remember, the banana was created for the easiest human consumption.

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