Rambling #1


I haven’t had much time to finish my monsterpiece on guns and legislation. Again, I’ve been out of town for about 2 weeks, and we had to hurry back when my father-in-law took a turn for the worse.

I’ve decided to start a new series on nothing in particular. In this case, it’s about kids and grandchildren. As everyone knows, theirs are better than anyone else’s. So it is with mine.

My youngest granddaughter turned five earlier this year, and she’s still not through with her never-ending surprises. She is an absolute joy to be around. Since about the time she was learning to talk, she knew the difference between normal conversation and a joke, and she’s been mastering the art of comedy ever since.

A couple of years ago, she started with one of her perfectly serious matter-of-fact conversations. “Mema, you and I have the same hair. And our eyes match. Your mouth and nose are the same as mine! Now I know what I’ll look like when I’m about to die.” She carried it off perfectly, and her timing was spot on.

One of her many talents is to improvise a dance to match any music she likes. In fact, her second birthday invitations were unusual in that they didn’t invite her friends to her birthday party. Instead, they said “Invitation to the Dance”… It only took a few songs before everyone was participating.

Last week she went to an Alison Krauss – Willie Nelson concert. During Nelson’s first number, she felt inspired and went to the area in front of the stage and began dancing to the music. Eventually, he noticed her and waved and was even gracious enough to share the spotlight. The highlight of the night was when he sang “Angel Flying too Close to the Ground”, which begins with the lines

If you had not have fallen
Then I would not have found you”.

She took the cues perfectly. Willie did something completely unexpected. He took off his bandana and threw it to her. It was a perfect ending to a perfect night.

I can think of no better way to end this than sending you an Invitation to the Dance.




2 responses to “Rambling #1

  1. Sorry to hear about your father-in-law but what a great post about your granddaughter. What a memory that will make. Thanks for the encouraging words by the way. I didn’t think anyone noticed I was a bit missing in action 😉 . Take care! – Amy 🙂

    • It’s good to know you haven’t hit the end of the line yet. You had me worried when everything just stopped. I hope you get out of your prison ward soon if you haven’t already. The only thing I hate about getting stuck in a hospital is that they cut the pain killers and offer me enough Tylenol to kill a moose. They’re convinced that aspirin, prednisone, and methotrexate kills people, and they never look at the FDA’s restrictions on Tylenol, so after the first day and I can no longer move, they seem perfectly willing to carry me everywhere. I’m not sure I understand the logic.

      Anyway, get out soon and have a ball.

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