The Wonders of Homeopathy

I’ve been catching up on old e-mail and blogs, and I just finished a post by fojap on quantum homeopathy and anti-vaxxers.  I realized that it’s been a while since I extolled the virtues of a whole field of medicine whose only impact is to replace effective therapy with the notion that you are finally doing something to fix what ails you.

There is so much cynicism about homeopathy, just because their medicines repeatedly dilute the active ingredients to non-existence.  They don’t take into account that the water remembers what was in it before that super-dilution process.  In addition, the water is energized by succussion, giving it the energy of “all the chemicals in a bomb”.  Wow!  If that doesn’t fix your gizzard, I don’t know what will.  It’s only proper to hear this from a practicing homeopath, but I need to warn you, it’s awfully sciency.

There is a myth that homeopaths don’t take themselves seriously, knowing how many people misunderstand their calling.  This next video will correct that misguided notion immediately.  (Note the signs on the walls at the beginning.  You may have to pause the video to read some of them.)

Don’t say I didn’t warn you if you decide to go with standard medicine the next time you have appendicitis or cancer, or you’re bitten by a rabid animal.  Insist on the best – insist on homeopathy.  Prince Charles would. To save a bit on the cost of a visit, a glass of water from your faucet certainly contains whatever active ingredient you need diluted a jillion times beyond any recognition, and the water will have remembered it.  You will need to energize the water by saving up the face-palms you were tempted to give when you read this post and use them to succuss the bottom of your glass of water.  This, of course, is necessary to re-energize your Vital Force.  In the interest of good health…


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  1. Thanks for that…. 🙂 That was good.

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