If you enjoy seeing visual displays of geologic conditions, geography, and paleontology for the phanerozoic aeon (from the present back though Cambrian period) check out Earthviewer, created by HHMI (Howard Hughes Medical Institute).

It displays the globe for any time back to 540 MYA along with the atmospheric composition, climate, positions of modern cities traced through plate tectonics, geological events, biological events, mass extinctions, meteor impacts, fossils, and coastlines.  You can pull up charts for temperature, day length, luminosity, and biodiversity.  It also has several interesting in-depth presentations.  It also contains a tutorial for using the download.

WARNING:  It helps to understand evolution and have some inkling the earth may be older than 6000 years.  Be careful that your children don’t fall for the science indoctrination.  It doesn’t even mention God and His undeniable part in Creation.


2 responses to “Earthviewer

  1. Cool!

    This is a great alternative ISS feed distinct from the NASA feed. It has forward and back facing video’s and the shots can be spectacular:

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