‘Daniel Digby’ is an allonym taken from Robert Heinlein’s novel, Stranger in a Strange Land. The uncut version was graciously made available online by Virginia Heinlein, and is now at http://www.epubbud.com/read.php?g=WWUJVNTH. Digby was the Supreme Bishop of the Church of the New Revelation. He gained his position by murdering the church’s founder, Ben Foster. Digby eventually realized the pain of having a loved one die, leaving behind the grieving partner, and he offered a special deal propounded by God, Himself. God would take a couple together at the same time, provided the couple willed all their earthly belongings to the church. Just by coincidence, the church became fabulously wealthy with that and the other innovations like having slot machines in the lobby so that parishioners could make investments before church services. Apparently, the miraculous poison that worked so well on Bishop Foster, also worked on couples being dispatched to heaven. Although the reason for choosing this name would require too much space, suffice it to say that I was deeply moved by Digby’s concern for humanity.