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Updated Version of Groundhog Day

When I sent this to my wife, I didn’t realize that PZ Myers had already posted it his blog.  It’s been around for two years and somehow I missed it.  If you’ve already seen it, I apologize, but it’s just too good not to share.



Where are They Now?

There are several bloggers and YouTube producers who have made a big impact on me. Several just disappeared suddenly after building a large audience, and I’m curious if anyone knows what happened. The first was Stephanie, better known as LovingDoubt. She made YouTube videos that could suck the viewers in and make them want to know more about how she first became a Pentecostal fundamentalist and then turned to the dark side and was seduced by powers of atheism. (I’m not portraying what she said properly, so don’t let your opinions be influenced by me.) Like most others who achieved success in the on-line world, she understood the magic of how to tell a story, and she had an incredible sense of humor.

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why we believe in god(s) — A Concise Guide to the Science of Faith: A Book Review

I’ve been out of town for an extended period and am just getting back to writing for this blog.  I’ll mark my return with a review of a book that I read while I was away.

Before reading J. Anderson Thomson’s book, I had little reason to think that religion, in spite of being widespread, was anything more than a learned behavior that had little to do with evolution. After all, religion doesn’t appear to provide much to aid in natural selection that wouldn’t be better explained by other behaviors. The strength in Thomson’s arguments are that they view religion as a byproduct of evolution.

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Letting Dan Brown Speak

A couple years ago, I wrote a review of Dan Brown’s latest novel, The Lost Symbol. In it, I had an idea that I hadn’t seen before: Let the author speak for himself so I could have a review in his own words. Although the majority of the people reading it liked the review, there was one sourpuss. Without further adieu, I copy it verbatim.

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